First time in San Francisco

Hey all! I wanted to share some photos of our trip to the coast, We took the Pacific Coast Highway or Highway 1 from Huntington Beach up to San Francisco

Photos by: Garrett Troutman

This was my first trip in USA, so I was super excited. Also this trip bring us so much joy because we got engaged. Here some photos…sorry for the weird hand just posing hahah.

We get to go to beautiful places, such as Carmel (A lovely city) San Louis (where we saw some sea lions), Pismo Beach, Morro Bay (great view), Berkeley (Loved the little library, full of comics), and finally San Francisco, happy to see it and got in love to the bay and also to the chocolate store Ghirardelli Chocolate

That was all! I hope I can do this trip for a longer time and get to know more places. Let me know which other place have you visited and love.

Thanks for reading!
Means so much to connect and share every time.

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