Experimenting with collage

This year I would like to make exploration something more regular in my process. I truly think that we can bring texture, layers, and dynamic by adding more mixed media to our work.

The first place I looked into was old books and magazines I had. Happy for me my mom always saved a blue box of magazines, learning material for us during school. So I found so many little treasures in there.

When you are searching for physical paper, pay attention to the old yellow/cream paper, patterns, and objects that can be used in the illustration, for example: finding a chair that can bring a different atmosphere to the living room you are illustrating.

You can find treasures in old books, your family or grandma notes, some street book stores and magazine, everything can be something you way use in the future so keep that in mind.

If maybe it’s easier for you to searh online, It’s a ton of websites that we can use for collage, that its free of rights or even free to use but giving credit. So just be aware of how you use it creating a new pice.

Here some websites: Unplash and Heritage

If you are not working digitally, my recommendation to make it easier is to use a lightbox. Just place your sketch down and your collage paper on top and it will be so easy to copy your shape.

And for the end, I will give you some artist that you may like them too like I do. They work with collage a lot, so pay attention of how they do it 🙂

Samuel Castaño

Randy Mora

Alejandra Acosta

Leonor Perez

Thanks for reading!
Means so much to connect and share every time.

Let me know, which other artist do you know that work with collage 🙂 See you soon.

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