Local bookstores, Bogota edition

Books Mr.Fox

This place will help you feel like a burrow, as Lucas Insignares, its founder, calls it. This is a special place, designed to find treasures in the world of illustration. Through his Instagram: Mr.Fox, it has also become an observatory of illustrated works, talks with special guests, posts with are a deeper analysis of the books, exposing their graphic, editorial, and narrative structure.

Located at Cl. 61 # 5 – 57, Bogota

Photos taken from their website

Matorral Bookstore

Undoubtedly a place that has it all. Here you can find jewels that you have not been able to find anywhere else. The architecture and uniqueness of the facilities is unique and it has a small restaurant and craft brewery. You will also find sofas and chairs for reading, not to mention a beautiful garden.

Located at: Cra 19 # 36 – 55, Teusaquillo, Bogota

Espantapajaros bookstore

This is a multifaceted place designed for girls and boys, designed not only as a bookstore but also as a special timetable, a kindergarten with a system of workshops, internships and cultural activities.

Located at: Cra. 19a # 104a – 60, Bogota

Photos taken from their website

La valija de fuego Bookstore

This place promises something different and unique. It is loaded with alternative, countercultural, and full of punk and rock recommendations. It is also a place where you can enjoy fast food and a good beer, besides being a pet-friendly place.

Located at: Cra 7 # 45 – 52, Bogota

Photos taken from their website

Casa tomada Bookstore

A space where you will find a wide range of selected titles, as well as an environment for the development of cultural activities and the formation of children, young and adult readers. It also has a spacious cafeteria perfect for working from there and a beautiful English style architecture.

Located at: Transversal 19Bis # 45d – 23, Bogota

Photos taken from their website

Coffee and Jesus

If you are looking for spiritual growth literature, this is the place for you. Sometimes the bookstores offer very little on this topic, but this space is designed for all the areas in which you want to grow in investing and they have many recommendations too. Besides that, they have a cafeteria with delicious products and spaces to sit and enjoy.

Located at: Cl. 95 Bis # 50 – 80, Bogota

Photos taken from their website

Merlin Bookstore

This bookstore of treasures and finds as I like to call it. This space is located in downtown Bogota you will find books, essays, magazines, art, newspapers, and some new vinyls but mostly from past eras. To go here is to enter a space of labyrinths where you will find in every corner something special.

Located at: Cra 8a # 15 – 70

Photos taken from their website

Tornamesa Bookstore

This bookstore has a concept for those who love unique moments while reading a book you can accompany it by listening to music or finding recommendations on the author’s cinema or you can even have the experience having a good wine.

Located at: Cl. 70 # 5 – 23, Bogota

Photos taken from their website

Fondo de cultura económica Bookstore

This bookstore is part of the Mexican State publishing house which promotes works of national, Latin American and universal culture. To go here is to find award-winning books not only for their narrative and stories but also for their illustrations, it is to know that you are encountering the best of books in many aspects.

Located at: Calle 11 #5-60, Bogota

Photos taken from their website

Prologo Bookstore

The place specializes in narrative and has a wide range of genres, from detective novels to illustrated biographies. It also offers writing workshops and an event called ‘blind date’ that has been very well received by attendees. Definitely, a place to visit.

Located at: Cra 5 # 67 – 01, Bogota

Photos taken from their website

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Let me know, which other bookstores do you know in Bogota, Colombia 🙂 See you soon.

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