Small Artist Studio – how to set up a simple home studio for artists

Hi everyone!

I am so happy yo be able to write about this, I love interior design and I love finding new ways to set up my studio.

Sometimes the reality is: we are starting as an illustrators or we can’t spend a lot of money to our space. That is why I wanted to write this blog post and sharing with you a few essentials on a budget

  1. Lamp: When I was hunting for a lamp for my studio, I learned that sometimes it’s better a functional lamp than an aesthetic one.

Neatfi XL – LED 2,500 lúmenes, 30 W.

My criteria was: cold light because it’s better for drawing at night, powerful light, on a budget and a clip lamp, that way I won’t take space on the surface

2. Cart: I love it, because I don’t have my own studio space, I need to be efficient with my space, and sometimes a cart it’s a good option specially if you need to grab your art material often.

Rolling cart storage

My criteria was: functionality, enough space for my art materials, easy to move. This cart it’s been working good, it’s haven’t broken or scratch and I have been using it for a whole year now.

3. Wet Palette: This was a life changing for me, before I was using my own technique hahah, a simple container and tissue paper. The switch to the Masterson palette it’s been perfect.

If you would like to learn more about how to keep your paints wet, I made a post about it. Here.

Stay wet Palette by Masterson

  • Sponge.
  • 5 reusable papers.
  • Container.
  • Different sizes.

4. Desk: When you are staring is crucial to get a desk you can spread out and feel comfortable, in the market you can find standing desk, L desk, small desk and even art desk. My recommendation for you it’s going first to Facebook Market or offer up before you go and buy one brand new, a lot of people are selling really pretty desks in an incredible price point.

I wanted to thrift something up, but when I was looking they weren’t selling a large desk at the moment so my go to was world market instead.

Light Walnut Wood Campaign Desk by World Market

  • Made of acacia wood with light walnut finish.
  • Overall: 60.1″W x 24″D x 30.3″H, 62.17 lbs.
  • Leg height: 26″H.

5. Chair: I bought this chair in the Facebook marketplace, if you are looking for something ergonomic and pretty this is a good option. I spend hours sitting in my chair and It’s really comfortable.

Langfjall Conference chair.

My criteria was: Ergonomic and pretty, also this chair came in other colors and also the option of adding wells if you want.

Thanks for reading!
Means so much to connect and share every time.

Please let me know what essentials you think are necessary for a simple art studio We are a community that will grow with all of us :).

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