On the newspaper

I got the opportunity to illustrate the editor page of the Happy Newspaper. It was really fun to get to work with them, I had the freedom to be creative around the concept of happiness and this beautifull sentence. “Our hapinnes is as uniques as each one of us” This was the process. 1. I […]

Visit to the Museum

LACMA Museum/Los Angeles My husband and I went to the LACMA museum in LA, it was my first time and it was totally worth it. Just at the entrance is a famous installation called Urban Light by Chris Burden. There are also other sections, such as Assyrian, Egyptian, Greek, and Roman archeology, European painting, and […]

Hashtags and challenge drawings online

1. Every week : #Transmundanetuesday by Carson Elis. Since 2019, Carson Elis create this for a workshop she was planning and she was told they were interested in character design. She posted a bunch of them on instagram and, people just start drawing them. And then they asked for more prompts. So she made a […]

Local bookstores, Bogota edition

Books Mr.Fox This place will help you feel like a burrow, as Lucas Insignares, its founder, calls it. This is a special place, designed to find treasures in the world of illustration. Through his Instagram: Mr.Fox, it has also become an observatory of illustrated works, talks with special guests, posts with are a deeper analysis […]


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Hey all, welcome to Technicolor.

Here I will share what inspires me. Whether it is books I’m reading or recommend, work from other creatives in the industry, or podcasts that get me through the day! I hope you’re able to learn a thing or two from my process and find what you’re looking to help succeed in your next project. Enjoy!



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