Book Youtube Channels For Book Lovers

Hi everyone!! This year I decided to read more and more and to accomplish that goal I made my own Goodreads profile also I started following more book lovers out there that they will help me with recommendations, reviews and get me inspired on the way. Here I share with you the ones I loved. […]

Small Artist Studio – how to set up a simple home studio for artists

Hi everyone! I am so happy yo be able to write about this, I love interior design and I love finding new ways to set up my studio. Sometimes the reality is: we are starting as an illustrators or we can’t spend a lot of money to our space. That is why I wanted to […]

How I started as an illustrator

I am happy to write this post because it is going to be a storytelling type of post. Many times we ask this question “How did you start?” and it’s really interesting and special to know how people become illustrators and artists. When I was a child I used to draw a lot, I used […]

On the newspaper

I got the opportunity to illustrate the editor page of the Happy Newspaper. It was really fun to get to work with them, I had the freedom to be creative around the concept of happiness and this beautifull sentence. “Our hapinnes is as uniques as each one of us” This was the process. 1. I […]


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Hey all, welcome to Technicolor.

Here I will share what inspires me. Whether it is books I’m reading or recommend, work from other creatives in the industry, or podcasts that get me through the day! I hope you’re able to learn a thing or two from my process and find what you’re looking to help succeed in your next project. Enjoy!



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