Birthday therapy

This past Friday was my birthday, Garrett asked me a few days before what I would like to do for that day and I was feeling like hiking and being around nature would be awesome.

Everything was a surprise 🙂 , and I went with the flow.

The day of my birthday it was cloudy, but promising. We went to Ojai, California. Two hours away from where we leave. We had coffee and them we went to this amazing library “Bart’s Books “ apparently created in the 1964 by a book colector.

Wow, this place is truly a treasure, has a lot of specialty rooms and for sure you can get lost in their amazing labyrinths.

Hike time

It’s been raining lately in California, we were worried that the track will be close because of the floats but gratefully we were able to hike.

That is all! Feeling super grateful for all, being at that place, surrounded by nature, people I love and the presence of God was so special and meaningful to me. Just what my heart need it.

At the time we got back, I realized that this bookstore it’s in this book of bookstores around the world, that a friend gave me on Christmas. Just take a look, “adding points for that, ha”.

New reading goals

Feeling motivating to share some of the books I would like to read this upcoming months. And if you would like to see my progress, check out my goodreads 🙂

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